Team Awesome IS:

Amanda Jamitinya - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Annie Maul - Kansas City Roller Warriors
Assaultin Pepa - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Atomatrix - Oly Rollers
Blood Clottia - Rose City Rollergirls
Daddy's Girl - Soon to be BAD Girl
Demanda Riot - Bay Area Derby Girls
Goodie Two Skates - Rat City Rollergirls
Harmony Killerbruise - MN Rollergirls
Ivanna S. Pankin - San Diego Derby Dolls
Jackie Daniels - Windy City Rollers
Lulu Lockjaw - Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Medusa - MN Rollergirls
Mercy - Rose City Rollers
Sadistic Sadie - Cincinnati Rollergirls
She Who Cannot Be Named - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Trish the Dish - San Diego Derby Dolls

AND MORE (check it out down below!)

Basically, Team Awesome is a bunch of players from roller derby leagues across the country who come together anytime, anyplace they can to play roller derby. Its not really an all-star team, though its the crazy ones that love playing that end up on the team, so you know, they don't exactly suck. Its just a bunch of people who like to play & travel together and have fun. We'll play YOU... Just ask us!

Where did Team Awesome come from? Do you seriously think you're awesome?
Once upon a time a team called New England Roller Derby challenged Lexie Deluxe, a former Philly player, to put a team together to skate against them at the first ECE. They called themselves NERD. So of course in a rochambeax sort of way, Lexie named her team "AWESOME." That's it. No tryouts, no big deal, not even ringers - it was just whoever she liked and their friends (cause she was busy helping to organize ECE). In fact, because of a wicked ice storm, that first game was played by whomever showed up and put on the jerseys she had printed up. Speaking of jerseys, that first Awesome / NERD match started in matching jerseys and resulted in a tied score, and it was totally fun. And so a handful of those skaters, most of whom had played against each other and had tons of fun - decided to get together and play again at the next Rollercon. Where we showed up (again) in the same color as the team that challenged us. And it was also pretty fun. So, one thing led to another...

How can someone play for Team Awesome?
Well, there's no tryouts or anything like that. Pretty much everyone started out as a local sub, often pulled out of the crowd 5 minutes before a challenge, and we have those for almost every game. We choose subs pretty casually. And we just go to lots of events and whenever someone on the roster notices someone particularly awesome (usually when they're playing against them), they talk them up to the group (like anyone would after a good jam). Sometimes that sticks, and then we ask that awesome skater to sub next time we have an opportunity and she's around. If she's a good time and fun to play & and hang out with, we keep inviting her. Not too scientific, not too exclusive - but it works for us. So the answer is: play good derby, be awesome, and be around!

Serge (Announcer & Fabulous Road Trip Companion)
AND our awesome LOCAL SUBS Muffin Kamikazi Kim & & Miss Evil (Duke), Catholic Cruel Girl (Rocky), Tannibal Lector (Oly) Hard Anya (Gotham), Malice w/Chains (Windy), Joy Collision (Charm City), Sol Train (Rose City), Nina Knockout & Mo Pain & Teflon Donna & Violet Temper (Philly), Steely Jan & Kung Pow Tina (San Diego), and all past & future subs

Awesome Alumni who will always be welcomed back!... Include Lexie Deluxe (Philly) - our first captain!, Roxy Rocket (Carolina), Dahmernatrix (retired from SD Derby Dolls), Darth Skater (Rat City), Crash Baby & Killbox (Detroit), Jawbreaker (Northstar), Bullet Tooth Tracy (TX Rollergirls), Valphonse Capone (Windy), Pinky 500 (Rocky), Jersey Diabla (Philly), Fisti Cuffs (Gotham), Screamin Mimi (Humboldt), Derringer (Texas), Coach Dirty (Sacred), Crackerjack (Texas), everyone who subbed in ever!

* Wall St. Traitors * Double Crossers * Team SeXY * New England Roller Derby (N.E.R.D) * San Diego All Stars - TWICE! * OC Rollergirls All-Stars * OCRG's Psycho Ex-Girlfriends * LA Derby Dolls * Angel City Derby Girls * Rocky Whorer (Twin City Terrors) & his refs at OCRFTC * Team SeXY ... and everyone else who wanted to play against us.

About this site: took about 4 hours to build. Obviously we're still working on it. But since playing is our first priority... here's a video to look at while you consider how crappy this site is: