Coaches (in alphabetical order):
  • Demanda Riot (Bay Area Derby Girls)
    Demanda started skating in Rat City and after a few transfers, found her home at the Bay Area Derby Girls, where she currently captains their All Stars. She's known for being deadly in the back, and even douchebags admit she's awesome. Scary on the track, she might actually be the nicest one of all of us off it.
  • Goodie 2 Skates (Rat City Rollergirls)
    Goodie's first bout was in October 2005, with Portland, Oregon's- Rose City Rollers, She skated as the captain of Rose City's All-Star Team- The Wheels of Justice in 2005-2006, and has been a member of Team Awesome since 2007 or so. Two Skates currently skates for the Rat City Rollers and has been voted "Most Likely to Get Up Early and Disappear." Do not feed her junk food. For details, see "Gremlins."
  • Ivanna S. Pankin (SoCal Derby)
    Ivanna's first bout was October 2003 for the first league she founded, AZ Rollerderby. She's captained most of the teams she's played for, and has been a coach since her first day of derby. Ivanna is most proud of Sin City Rollergirls, who paved the way for modern interleague play by challenging and playing nearly ever team in existence at the time. Spankin currently captains SoCal Derby & Team Awesome, and skates for Team Vagine.
  • Jackie Daniels (Windy City Rollers)
    Known as "America's Girlfriend" for a reason, Jackie is probably the most lovable - and crushed upon - player on the team. Jackie started skating for the the league she founded, Grand Raggidy, but has since transfered to Windy City Rollers, where she is the newest captain of their travel team. Now go look at the souvenir page right now.
  • Lulu Lockjaw (Santa Cruz Derby Girls
    One of Awesome's relatively new recruits, Lulu has been subbing at RollerCon for years while distinguishing herself as a captain and leader of Santa Cruz Derby Girls. So nice you almost wonder what she's up to, until you face her in the pack! She's seriously vying for Jackie's most-crushed-upon slot.
  • Trish the Dish (SoCal Derby)
    Last but definitely not least, Trish the Dish is another of the scariest blockers you're going to meet - but if your skin is thick enough, she's also one of the best coaches you'll have the fortune to skate with. Dish started skating in 2004 with Arizona Roller Derby, flattening unwary jammers between clinging to the wall to stay on her skates; she was dangerous from day one. She currently captains SoCal Derby and skates for Team Vagine and Team Awesome. Another born captain, pivot and leader, look out now that her skating skills match her aggressive attitude!
Demanda Riot, Bay Area Derby Girls
Goodie 2 Skates, Rose City Rollers
Ivanna S. Pankin, SoCal Derby
Jackie Daniels, Windy City Rollers
Lulu Lockjaw, Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Trish the Dish, SoCal Derby
Thanks to the photographers, esp. Boss Hogg, Joe Rollerfan and Blood & Thunder for the photos.