Co-Hosted by Oahu's Pacific Rollergirls, the Maui Rollergirls & Kauai's Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
When: January 4-7th, 2011
Where: Kamioloiki Outdoor Hockey Rink at Hawaii Kai, Oahu
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Team Awesome practices peer coaching - meaning, we all skate and we are coaches for our teams. We learn from each other and attend each others' clinics, as well. We invite observations and suggestions. We learn from you and each other, and teach what we know to you. We're playing a young sport. We share with each other to develop our skills and our sport as fast as we can so we get to play well as long as our bodies hold out!

* Scheduling:
The hardest part is finding a date that works for multiple coaches. We all have day jobs, most of us during regular M-F business hours, so long weekends work best. Generally speaking, most derby games are scheduled on the 3rd weekend of the month, so that's the HARDEST weekend to schedule. Fall is nearly impossible because so many of our players are training for tournaments, but honestly, there's no really easy season, scheduling-wise. WINTER BREAK - especially December, when few teams play - works best for most of us.

* Venue:
We ask our host leagues to find & schedule a venue, and then let us know what the space allows for. How many tracks? Is there room on the side for one-on-one? Tell us what you got and how long we have and we'll put together a roster of coaches and a schedule.

* Skill Level:
You tell us. We specialize in coaching interleague bouting skaters from intermediate to advanced, but we can gear Camp Awesome to any skill level.

* How Much Does It Cost?
Camp Awesome admissions are determined by figuring out the expenses to host at the venue & travel expenses to get coaches to the camp (and put them up). The expense amount is divided by the largest group of campers we can coach effectively - and that's the cost of admission. Its not a money-making enterprise. Its a chance for our coaches to travel and hang out together, and skaters (especially in relatively isolated places) to benefit from their playing and coaching experience. Which is not to say there's anything wrong with money making enterprises. People, including coaches, have to eat (and pay rent, take time off their day jobs to travel, etc), and coaching is a valuable skillset that takes a lot of analysis, empathy, experience, and bruises to develop. But CAMP AWESOME just tries to cover travel expenses so Team Awesome players have a great excuse to hang out together doing what they love!

Hosting an entire camp can be a daunting task! But if you're interested in just having one Team Awesome player come out to skate and coach your team, that can be arranged directly with the TA skater.
Past Camp Awesomes:
  • RollerCon , Las Vegas, NV features Awesome coaches every year since 2007!
  • SK808, Hawaii. Island leagues get Awesome coaches every year for a few days before or after the tournament. 2011 saw the first (but not last) official Oahu Camp Awesome (co-hosted by Pacific Rollergirls , Kauai Garden Island Renegade Rollerz and the Maui Rollergirls)
  • San Diego, CA 2009 (hosted by the San Diego Derby Dolls)
  • Cleveland, OH 2009 (hosted by Burning River Rollergirls)
  • Pacific NW (WA), 2008 (hosted by Bellingham Roller Betties)
Please contact those leagues directly for more info about their experience hosting!

Check out what past campers had to say about TA camp!

"While itís a great learning experience to play against some of the TA members with their home leagues or to watch TA in action at ECE, being able to work with TA in a small group setting during their boot camp was a fantastic opportunity to glean knowledge from some the best minds/skaters in roller derby!"
- Prettie Scarrie, Burning River All-Stars

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