Hosted by the San Diego Derby Dolls


Hotel Info:
Holiday Inn Express Downtown
1 mile from Training Camp Facility
1430 7th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 696-0911
Ask for Team Awesome Training Camp for $69/night
Holiday Inn Express

OR, if you're on a budget, check out HOSTEL CAT. More info...

Camp Awesome is an intensive roller derby training weekend for intermediate and advanced bouting roller derby skaters. Each session is designed to increase playing level, skills, conditioning and strategic understanding for skaters with interleague bouting experience. Camp will be coached by Team Awesome skaters featuring years of playing and coaching experience. Training will include both banked and flat track classes, and will offer outstanding opportunities for player-coaches to learn new drills and coaching strategies to bring home to their teams. Group classes and individual coaching will be available.

Limited to the first 150 registrants.

When: December 18-20, 2009
Where: San Diego Derby Dollhouse, downtown San Diego
Cost: $150 includes special campers-audience-only bout on Saturday night!

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  • Registration starts at 10am Friday, Dec 18th
  • Classes begin at noon, Friday
  • Sunday classes end with 5pm scrimmage
Annie Maul, KC Roller Warriors Dahmernatrix, San Diego Derby Dolls Demanda Riot, Bay Area Derby Girls Goodie 2 Skates, Rose City Rollers Ivanna S. Pankin, San Diego Derby Dolls
Jackie Daniels, Windy City Rollers Medusa, North Star Rollergirls Miss Fortune, Philly Rollergirls She Who Cannot Be Named, Rocky Mtn Rollergirls Trish the Dish, San Diego Derby Dolls
Thanks to the photographers, esp. Boss Hogg, Joe Rollerfan and Blood & Thunder for the photos.

Team Awesome practices peer coaching - meaning, we all skate and we are coaches for our teams. We learn from each other and attend each others clinics, as well. We invite observations and suggestions. And we'll learn anything we can from you, and teach anything we know to you. We're playing a young sport. We share with each other to develop our skills and our sport as fast as we can so we get to play well as long as our bodies hold out!


Complete Class Descriptions:
Coach Class Detail
Dish & Ivanna Pack Dynamics Pack Communication, especially dynamic speeding and slowing; how, when, why. Jammer reads, friendly sides & blocker roles. This will be a very scrimmage heavy class.
Goodie 2 Skates Anyone Can Jam The Warriors Heart: Reading the pack, juking, faking, talking & listening, trusting and relying on your bench coach
Goodie 2 Skates Footwork Skills for Pack Work Lateral movement, running & duck walking, stops & starts, turning & mohawk turns, backwards skating, jumping for beginners, falling & getting up with hustle, navigating through the pack, juking for blockers and jammers, rotating wall in twos and speeding and slowing AS A PACK
Goodie 2 Skates PEP Talk During scrimmage / bout reminders, etiquette on the bench, team work, and the BIG PICTURE: we are lucky!
Ivanna S. Pankin Flat To Banked: What's the Diff? Improve your game on both tracks by active analysis. Blocking and jamming drills on banked & flat track so that the differences and similarities are obvious. How & when to adjust your timing and hitting style to dominate both tracks. How to use the shape of each track and how it affects your momentum to your advantage in jamming.
Ivanna S. Pankin Tricky Jammer Shit Maximizing your points with fancy fakes, bully moves, unpredictible actions, dirty tricks, outright lies & jumping the apex
Jackie Daniels Up Your Teammates' Asses Drills to work together with your pack on winning strategies for game play. Teamwork baby.
Jackie Daniels Using Your ASSets Drills and review to use your bod, momentum, and skills to your advantage. Learn ways to hit, avoid hits and skating styles to make the best success in game play. Assessment of effective blocks for desired results. Drills to dodge hits, absorb hits when you have to while maintaining momentum and/or and propelling yourself forward.
Jackie Daniels Captaining & Bench Coaching Playtime, placements and line-ups. Having to be the logical ass: Discussion on how to place players and select playtime. Provides insight into facts that may already exist or can exist to back up or assist in making tough decisions when it comes to placement or play time for skaters.
Medusa Ninja Blocking Advanced Single-Skater blocking: sneaking them out of bounds, hip checks & asswipes, fast stops, frontal blocking & the cold shoulder
Medusa Ninja Manuevers Advanced Single Skater skills: footwork, quick stops, jumping, using toestops effectively, weaving, hockey stops, snowplows & 360s
Miss Fortune A Hole Is There If You Want It Getting out of impossible-looking situations by forcing the opposing blocker to do something stupid; jukes, tricks, traps and more
Miss Fortune The First Ten Seconds How to Earn Lead Jammer Status with faster starts, using your own blockers & feeding the other jammer back to the pack. Also includes tips for offensive blockers including lining up and screens.
Miss Fortune The Big Secret to Jamming: Go Fast Get comfortable sprinting through the pack, path prediction, using the track, and mandatory jammer skills
She Who Cannot Be Named Defense, Offense & Awareness Intermediate Basics for all positions
Trish the Dish Banked Track Offense & Communication The jam starts before the whistle blows; how & when to line up depending on the situation. Player roles and communication. Setting up the play in the first 5 seconds. Clears and Screens on the banked track for single blockers. Setting up friendly inside / outside and other textbook pack plays.
Trish the Dish Its Just Not That Scary Banked track basics; The rail is your 5th blocker, not your enemy. Learn to use bt momentum to murder opponents with inside hits. Please the crowd and win the game with the donkey kick, crossovers up, pinch at the rail and more.
Coming soon! More info on:
LADD Training Camp featuring Awesome Does Flat Track, March 6-7
TORONTO Camp Awesome, March 5-7
Check out what past campers had to say about TA camp!

"While its a great learning experience to play against some of the TA members with their home leagues or to watch TA in action at ECE, being able to work with TA in a small group setting during their boot camp was a fantastic opportunity to glean knowledge from some the best minds/skaters in roller derby!"
- Prettie Scarrie, Burning River All-Stars

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