Dish considers surfing Pipeline on a 22 foot day Oahu Camp Awesome
Kamioloiki Park at Hawaii Kai * Jan 4-6th, 2011
Wed - Friday before SK808
Camp Awesome Oahu is co-Hosted by the Pacific Roller Derby. But we are half crazy in love with the Maui Rollergirls & Kauai Garden Island Renegade Rollerz, and we're ready to fall for every other island, too. Just ask us.
Limited to the first 50 registrants
When: January 4 - 6th, 2011
Where: Kamiloiki Outdoor Hockey Rink at Hawaii Kai, Oahu
Cost: $149


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HAWAII CAMP AWESOME is an intense roller derby training camp for beginning, intermediate and advanced bouting roller derby skaters. Each session is designed to increase playing level, skills, conditioning and strategic understanding for skaters, generally geared towards those with interleague bouting experience. Because we expect a wide range of skills, individual tutoring will be available at every skill level and directed at beginners. Most classes will be geared towards intermediate and advanced skaters. The Camp will be coached by Team Awesome skaters featuring years of playing and coaching experience. Training will include on and off skates concurrently. Group classes and individual coaching will be available.


  • water, high-calorie snacks, box lunch?
  • towel or yoga mat for stretching and strength workouts
  • SHOES you can run in
  • black & whites shirts with your name on them. Doesn't need to be fancy (sharpie or stenciled is fine), but if you want feedback, we have to know what to call you besides "Hey pink helmet!" or "Hey Fancy Socks!"
  • Knee pads, elbows, wrists, helmets & mouthguards. You may not skate without them.
Stay tuned for more details. Schedule will include precision stops, starts, one-on-one and team blocking including walls, partnerships and hitting, jammer clinic including jukes & fakes, offensive blocking and scrimmages.

Coaches (in alphabetical order):
  • Demanda Riot (Bay Area Derby Girls)
  • Goodie 2 Skates (Rat City Rollergirls)
  • Ivanna S. Pankin (SoCal Derby)
  • Trish the Dish (SoCal Derby)
  • More about the coaches
Demanda Riot, Bay Area Derby Girls
Goodie 2 Skates, Rose City Rollers
Ivanna S. Pankin, SoCal Derby
Trish the Dish, SoCal Derby
Thanks to the photographers, esp. Boss Hogg, Joe Rollerfan and Blood & Thunder for the photos.

Team Awesome practices peer coaching - meaning, we all skate and we are coaches for our teams. We learn from each other and attend each others clinics, as well. We invite observations and suggestions. We learn from you and each other, and teach anything we know to you. We're playing a young sport. We share with each other to develop our skills and our sport as fast as we can so we get to play well as long as our bodies hold out!

Check out what past campers had to say about TA camp!

"While itís a great learning experience to play against some of the TA members with their home leagues or to watch TA in action at ECE, being able to work with TA in a small group setting during their boot camp was a fantastic opportunity to glean knowledge from some the best minds/skaters in roller derby!"
- Prettie Scarrie, Burning River All-Stars

Share your thoughts about the camp you attended by emailing us at totallyawesomederby@gmail.com!